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Boy Checking his Phone

Interview with Navin Durbhakula
Plant-Based Activist & Founder of Harvard Plant Futures 

By: Alisha Durbhakula

hispanic heritage month & food insecurity
By: Arya Kumar, Devan Charaipotra & Neera Vyas

Women and Water
By: Saira Vyas 

We Can all Save
the Planet 

By: Shaan M. Vyas

SAYVA's mission is founded on MLK Jr's Principles

By: Shaan M. Vyas

Cancer Kids First Interview

By: Arya Kumar

Valentine's Day

By: Anika Hukmani

Global Diversity in Schools & Workplaces

By: Riya Budhrani

Writing Her Story through The Fem Word
Interview with Monika Samtani, Founder Ms. Media and The Fem Word 

By: Ranya Fischer

Random Acts of Kindness Club

By: Anika Hukmani

Can being Kind make a person happier? 

By:  Mira Wedam

A Tribute to the Notorious RBG
By: Saira Vyas

systemic Racism in healthcare

By: Maya Marathe

Spreading Positivity through writing Virtual Notecards

By: Meghna Parameswaran

How to get involved with politicS
Interview with Makenzie Hymes
IB Diploma Recipient, Princeton Freshman, Member of the Students Demand Action Club 


By: Jaya Pania

Letters from the Editors (2020)

By Navin Durbhakula, Ranya Fischer, Anika Hukmani, Arya Kumar, Sage Malhotra, Neha Parameswaran, Sounam Sharma, Saira Vyas, Mira Wedam

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