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Interview with makenzie Hymes

By Jaya Pania

Makenzie Hymes is a Junior at Marshall High School and she enjoys learning about how individual actions affect the entire world. More recently, Mackenzie has become very passionate about voting, and how voting can affect all of us. In order to pursue this topic, she joined the Students Demand Action Club, a non partisan political club, where she will be leading meetings surrounding voting. Based upon her expertise, I decided to ask her some questions:


What's your name, what school do you go to?

Makenzie Hymes, Junior in High School at Marshall High School 


Why did you get involved with the Students Demand Action Club?

Being interested in political topics since around 6th grade, I have seen the world around me change, along with the issues. Instead of just watching the wrong problems in the world, I wanted to get involved with them, and actually make change, which is what the Students Demand Action club is all about. 


Why did you get involved with voting and voter registration? 

The upcoming 2020 election could affect generations before and after us, so it’s important to help people understand the importance of voting!


What advice do you have for people who are not sure whether to vote or not?

A lot of the reason that people don't vote, is because they don’t think their vote will matter or they don’t think either candidate will impact them personally. However, that's a very privileged point of view. It is very clear that each presidential candidate's policies will affect someone throughout the US, so vote for someone who’s lives and rights could potentially be impacted by a candidate. 


What advice do you have for young adults who want to get involved, but can’t vote?

To those who can’t vote, get involved! Remind your eligible friends and family members to vote, and to do it early! Personally, I have been participating in a lot of voter outreach, more specifically, Text Banking, where we have been reminding people to register to vote and send in mail-in-ballots.

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