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Global Diversity in Schools and Workplaces

By: Riya Budhrani

Global Diversity is important to schools and workplaces, and ensures that everyone feels included and respected. Sometimes people are treated differently based on their race or religion, and there are many solutions to fixing this problem in order to create an efficient and positive school and work setting.


We need to celebrate people's differences in the workplace making sure that their traditions are shared. It is vital that employees feel a sense of inclusion so that they feel represented among their fellow employees. For instance, the Human Resources team at Bak USA holds a potluck that represents 14 different countries so employees can showcase their countries' foods and cultures.


Another way that people can feel respected is if they feel they can share their beliefs and thoughts. Having a healthy environment where people feel comfortable sharing what they believe about even the diversity of their school or workplace can make it so much more effective. Employees and students like to be heard and have an input in the change that goes on.


  The last way you can improve the global diversity and respect in your work or school environment is to educate its leadership. Having training classes about inclusion can make the workplace so much stronger. These training sessions can include creating more of a diverse community, troubleshooting challenges, practicing communication, and so much more than can positively impact the workplace. By following some of these steps for a successful environment full of diversity, you can ensure that your school and workplace is a place people want to be in!

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