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About Sayva

SAYVA is a nonprofit, community service organization founded and led by teens that want to help others make a difference.  "Sayva" is a Sanskrit word meaning to serve selflessly and with dedication.  Sayva teens want to make a difference in their community through service and advocacy. We now have a total of 125 Ambassadors (75 Teens + 50 Juniors) that are making a difference every day through serving, leading community events, building awareness and fundraising for partner organizations.  

Kavin, Mira, and Meera

What We Do

Sayva Ambassadors volunteer and create events with service partners for teens and families. We partner with community organizations that work hard to make an impact and need support. We also aim to raise awareness about important topics and highlight service through our newsletter and social media. Sayva encourages teens to have a voice and take part in making the community a better place for all.

About Our Committees

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