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SUBMISSIONS & important


If you are a South Asian Youth in grades 3-12 living in the DMV area,  you are eligible to apply.
All events are run by 100% parent + teen volunteers 


teen Ambassadors (Grades 8-12) should download the SLACK App.

This link above is active until 7/10/2024. If you'd like an invite to slack after this date, please email us.  


Are you in 6th grade or higher and need to get volunteer hours verified for your middle school or high school? You may submit requests through the platform your school uses (X2vol, SSL etc.). Please track your student hours and submit them together at the END OF EACH SEMESTER. Requests should be addressed to Chhavi Bhargava at our Email Address through your school platform. 


Presented by Teens Eesha & Arya (Co-COO's) at the first SAYVA kickoff event of the year. This slideshow is an overview about the organization, events, and committees. 



Submit a blogpost


    Be sure to fill out the form here to participate. 

    We have a fantastic opportunity for ALL of our ambassadors! Each ambassador can publish an article on our online blog. Share experiences, information, and ideas about the many challenges facing communities here and around the world, and how all of us can make a difference.


    SAYVA-Speaks will be published on the SAYVA website throughout the year. 


    Here is what you need to do:

    1. COMPLETE THIS FORM: (you will see a list of themes and due dates)

    2. Blog posts should be approx. 250-350 words, written in Google Docs and should include one photo or graphic related to the blog topic. Blogs can focus on:

      • Specific issues (sharing facts and research)

      • A particular service project and what the experience was and what you learned

      • An interview with someone leading or involved with a community organization

      • A profile about a community organization

      • Current events and how it relates to service

      • Anything else (contact Tara Bansal if you aren’t sure about an idea)

    3. Submit your blog via Google Docs for review and editing to sayvayouth [at] Once editing is final and approved, your blog will be published online and shared via social media.


    Check out these previous posts written by SAYVA ambassadors


    Do you qualify to receive a Presidential Service Award? Submit your volunteer hours at the link above. All ages welcome. 

    More info about volunteer requirements HERE


    The Teen Ambassador Marketing Team is working hard to keep you up to date on the latest happenings at Sayva. Be sure to Follow US on Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin.  Teen ambassadors, be sure to add SAYVA to your Linkedin profile under "Volunteer Experience". 


    If you haven't already done so, please pay the $60 Ambassador Membership Fee. If you can't remember if you've paid or not, no worries - Seema from our team will send you a gentle reminder. Payments are for our operations management as everything else is volunteer run. And if you're feeling extra generous, we'd be happy to accept larger donations. ❤️

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