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How I Used My Passion to Give Back (and How You Can Too)

Hi everyone! I’m Aryana, I’m a freshman in high school, and this is my first year in SAYVA. I’m a fashion designer and seamstress, and I run a blog of my own, Aryana’s Fashion. My blog is what I’d call a labor of love. It’s everything I make, both clothes and designs, and it’s both a portfolio and a look into my head. Sewing is a huge passion of mine, and I’m proud to say I’ve used it to give back to my community.

One of My Dress Sketches

But first, some context. I’ve always loved creating. But activities such as drawing, painting, and clay never really held my interest. People often ask me if I got into sewing during the COVID-19 pandemic, and that’s kind of true, as that’s when I started using a machine. I’ve known how to hand sew since I was about 4, but this was the point where I could sew more, with more time, and I could thread a needle without help. I fully taught myself how to use the machine, and inspected my store-bought clothes to see how the stitches were done. It was a bit of a roller coaster, but I got there in the end. After about a year of designing, I went to the next step: I started my blog, so I could share it with family and friends, and so I could have a portfolio of sorts. Over time, I’ve improved, and right now I make many of my clothes for special occasions and as costumes. 

Digital Sketches of Dresses

Everyone has something(s) that just makes the passion thrum beneath their skin. Fashion is mine - every time I pick up a pin, I feel a rush of emotions in vivid colors. Whatever your passion is, be it a craft, sports, or science, you can use it to give back. For me, I’ve taught other people how to sew and helped make a program for it, partnering with a local library. And every day, I aim to be a leader, and inspire other people; fashion is a form of expression for me. It’s my canvas, and it is my goal for other people to see my clothes and feel free to express themselves. 

Images of My Creations

You can do this too. I’ve found that giving back feels so much better when you care about what you’re doing. When people I teach hold up fingerless gloves they’ve made, I’m beaming like a proud parent. I helped through my library as well - I’m a huge bookworm, and I did things that encouraged fellow teens to read. Seeing people do these things and feeling a part of it makes me proud. These are things I love, and using them to help other people, and give back feels like service on a deeper level. 

So what can you do? You can teach other people your passion - imparting some of your knowledge and creating happiness for others is one of the purest acts of service in my opinion. You can (this works the best for crafty passions) make things and give them to other people - I make gloves a lot, and sometimes I give them to other people. Or, you can opt for a “quieter” method of service - proudly expressing your passion and setting an example for others to do the same. And for the holidays, this is the best time to start. It can be as simple as making something small for a family member. 

The Cancún Glove Collection

Thank you for reading this article!! If you want to see more images, check out my blog, Aryana’s Fashion.

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