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Reflections from a College Student: Grateful to the SAYVA Community

My experience with SAYVA was nothing short of phenomenal. At the age of 10, I was fortunate enough to participate in SAYVA events such as Stop Hunger Now. As the years passed, I deepened my involvement in this community, progressing from being a SAYVA ambassador to taking on roles such as Editor-in-Chief of the newsletter and, finally, Co-Leader during the 2021-2022 term.

SAYVA has bestowed upon me numerous invaluable lessons, but perhaps the most significant one is the concept of selfless service. Understanding that serving others is, in essence, serving oneself, brings boundless joy and contentment into the lives of everyone involved. Recognizing that we are all on this Earth with the purpose of aiding one another and cultivating empathy, regardless of identity, is what propels our world forward. SAYVA’s mission of extending service to those unable to help themselves is a lesson that will accompany me throughout my life.

This community has not only taught me the true essence of service, but also provided me with a platform to give back to a place that has offered me numerous opportunities. SAYVA has been instrumental in honing my leadership and teamwork skills, emphasizing that compromise is pivotal, and that working together to address challenges is the most effective way to surmount any obstacles that may arise.

Thanks to the lessons and values I learned while being a part of SAYVA, I found my voice, deepened my leadership skills, and now hold leadership roles at university. Truly, I am deeply grateful to the SAYVA community. Thank you.

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