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How to Navigate the Waters of Youth Activism

By: Tara Bansal

Source: Patient Engagement HIT

In today's ever-changing world, reform and activism serve as catalysts for progress and the generation of fresh ideas. Youth members, empowered by their passion and energy to uplift others, can profoundly influence their communities through activism –a commitment embodied by SAYVA members!

But what exactly is activism? It entails actively participating in actions that transcend routine and convention to express support for specific causes. Though it may seem complex, activism can be as simple as boycotting certain stores, signifying its importance in addressing and ultimately resolving issues.

Contrary to misconceptions, there are no age restrictions on activism! Youth members can engage in activism by following a few simple steps. First and foremost, they should identify current issues they are passionate about, ensuring their relevance on a global scale. Next, they can research organizations like SAYVA and explore ways to get involved in scheduled activities. Lastly, they should commit to regular action-taking and set goals for the issues they aim to address.

Action-taking can manifest in various forms, such as fundraising for specific causes, volunteering for established organizations, attending protests, conducting research and presenting findings, and making art. Recently, SAYVA members volunteered at a Rise Against Hunger Event, advocating for underprivileged communities.

It is vital to recognize that activism is an ongoing commitment. Impactful change stems from sustained effort and unwavering dedication. SAYVA acknowledges this by hosting regular events, enabling its members to continuously make a positive difference in their communities

In conclusion, without the driving force of activism, which entails groundbreaking ideas, diverse perspectives, courage, and transformative discoveries, our world today may have remained in the shadows, leaving us confined to the past. Thanks to the unwavering passion and dedication of young activists, our world continues to evolve and improve, paving the way for a brighter future for all.

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