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Rise Against Hunger: SAYVA Teens' Mission to End World Hunger

I'm Jaiden Bhargava, a sophomore at Flint Hill High School and I'm thrilled to share an incredible cause I’ve been part of since I was four years old - Rise Against Hunger.

So, what exactly is Rise Against Hunger? It is a non-profit that isn’t out there fighting crime; instead, they're on a mission to kick hunger's butt. These superheroes aim to end world hunger by 2030. Big goal, right? But they're not just talking about it; they're taking action. That’s where we come in.

Kids worldwide go to bed hungry and this is a problem that we can ALL help to fix.. Rise Against Hunger has programs that provide nutritious meals to those who need them most. SAYVA TEENS is part of that solution!

Every year, SAYVA ambassadors and families of all ages volunteer to package meals. It's like a chaotic assembly line pouring rice, soy, veggies, and essential vitamins into bags, sealing each one and packing it all into boxes.

Rice, soy, veggies, and essential vitamins are placed into bags, sealed and packed into boxes. Source:

We aren’t in a factory, but we do wear very stylish hair nets while packing meals that are sent to kids just like us who might not have enough to eat.

These ready to eat balanced packs are not just a meal; they can be a lifeline for the people we send them to. And the taste? We're talking about making meals so good, even your Nani or Dadi would be impressed.

Over the past few decades, Rise Against Hunger has packaged over half a billion meals since they started. That's 500 million meals! And for the last twelve years, SAYVA teens have packaged 116,000 meals to kids in impoverished countries! But here's the thing – they can't do it alone. They need our help to support their mission.

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When we package those meals, it's more than food. We are sending love and hope, letting someone miles away know that we care. 100% of the proceeds from our October Diwali Mock Wedding event will go towards meal packets that we'll be assembling in February 2024. That’s more than 15000 meals! Thank you for supporting this important cause!

Diwali and Rise Against Hunger are like two powerful forces with a common goal – spreading light, joy, and creating a world where no one goes to bed hungry.

At SAYVA, our goal is to be a generation that doesn't just talk about changing the world; we want to make it happen and it all starts with our shared mission to rise against hunger … one meal at a time.

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