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Be sure to fill out the form here to participate. 

We have a fantastic opportunity for ALL of our ambassadors! Each of us will be part of SAYVA-Speaks, an online blog to share experiences, information, and ideas, about the many challenges facing communities here and around the world, and how all of us can make a difference.


SAYVA-Speaks will be published on the SAYVA website throughout the year with a different theme for each month. All SAYVA ambassadors can participate in SAYVA-Speaks and write one blog per year (you can write more if you want!)


Here is what you need to do:


  2. Blog posts should be approx. 250-350 words, written in Google Docs and should include one or more photos related to the blog topic. Blogs can focus on:

    • Specific issues (sharing facts and research)

    • A particular service project and what the experience was and what you learned

    • An interview with someone leading or involved with a community organization

    • A profile about a community organization

    • Current events and how it relates to service

    • Anything else (contact Tara Bansal if you aren’t sure about an idea)

  3. Submit your blog via Google Docs for review and editing via the instructions on the Form. 

  4. Once editing is final and approved, your blog will be published online and shared via social media 

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