Summer Internship 2020

Service in the Time of Pandemic

The inaugural Sayva Summer Internship was a smashing success! Interns in grades 9-12 spent four weeks of their summer working on community service projects, building a new website, updating and increasing our social media presence, creating a new Sayva Newsletter, and developing a 3 week Summer Capstone  Project (August 3-23, 2020). The theme, Service in the Time of Pandemic, inspired us all to learn about how our own community is being affected by the pandemic and find ways to have an impact. Sayva’s goal is to unify our community with acts of kindness towards others, even in the difficult times we currently face. With small, and sometimes large, acts of kindness, everyone can have an impact!

Meet Our Interns

Simrin Arora

Tejas Charaipotra

Navin Durbhakula

Ranya Fischer

Priya Kalra

Arya Kumar

Eesha Madan

Sage Malhotra

Maya Marathe

Jaya Pania

Meghna Parameswaran

Samir Patel

Alyssa Sofat

Nikhil Trivedi

Saira Vyas

Meet Our Capstone Members

Arav Madan

Surina Marathe

Ishika Patel

Kavin Trivedi

Meera Vadlamani

Shaan Vyas