Bianca and Ishan give their annual speech before everyone gets to work at the meal-packaging event.


The bag-sealing team is getting it done!


Everyone at the meal-packaging event in action!


"Holi Hai!" -- this is an exclamation people celebrating Holi yell as they throw colors. It adds to the fun environment and festivity of the holiday.


During Holi, Navya Natraj plays the a traditional Indian drum called a "dhol" while everyone celebrated Holi, the festival of colors.


SAYVA Teens participated in a month of kindness in March, 2019. Check out the tasks they tried to complete every day.


The team is having fun talking to locals and distributing the things we prepared for the less fortunate in DC.


Ritik and Bianca are excited to pass out flowers, sandwiches, and other belongings to the homeless in Franklin Park, DC.

WGB (Sept., 2018)

Hard at work in the stock room at Women Giving Back.

ASHA (Oct., 2018)

Ishan speaks to the team as everyone begins making care packages for women and children impacted by domestic violence (ASHA for Women).

Diwali (Nov., 2018)

Ritik, Tejas, and Bianca are excited for the Diwali event after an hour of set-up.

Diwali (Nov., 2018)

Everyone looks great in their Indian outfits as the event begins!

Diwali (Nov., 2018)

We closed out the successful Diwali event with some sparklers and fireworks!

Diwali (Nov., 2018)

The kids enjoy arts and crafts while learning about the origin of Diwali!

Diwali (Nov., 2018)

Everyone learns and masters Garba (after a few mess-ups)!